About Us

HappyFeet was started as a small family-owned business dedicated to service, quality, and craftsmanship by Bryan Thomas in 1992 in a small warehouse in Longwood, Florida.

20 years and one million customers later, we remain committed to that excellence and have become the leading brand in the fluid-filled insoles business. With its 10,000 square foot headquarters and state of the art factory in Orlando, HappyFeet now supplies its products throughout the world.

About HappyFeetThrough the highs and lows that affect every industry, HappyFeet has stood the test of time, walked through the diversity of ownership challenges, and today we stand, walk and work stronger than ever. Once again a family-owned business, HappyFeet’s dedication to quality, service and technological advances has never been stronger.

From our owners Michael and Heidi Burch to the sales professionals, from our customer-service team to our warehouse staff, HappyFeet is a company who’s priorities are clear: the complete satisfaction of our customers.

“We literally want to be your Insole for Life. We have a warranty that protects the customer and we strive to transform a common sell into a Customer for Life – with a growing line of products that have the same HappyFeet wow factor you come to expect.”

Michael Burch

President, HappyFeet

HappyFeet CEO Michael Burch discusses the HappyFeet philosophy

What’s the passion?  Put most simply:  HappyFeet work!  Painful feet can ruin a person’s life. The company is on a mission to overcome all the misinformation and gimmicks that promise relief for painful feet but don’t deliver on that promise.

Both theory and practice prove HappyFeet’s unique results.  Unlike magnetized insoles, hard orthotics or any of the other unproven products claiming to alleviate foot problems without explaining how they supposedly work, HappyFeet relies on common sense supported by clinical evidence.

About HappyFeetCommon sense:  when you put your feet in a natural environment – like walking barefoot in soft sand, the way nature designed our feet to work best – all the muscles work together to create support and balance.  When you put your foot in an unhealthy environment, a few muscles do all the work while the rest take the day off.  Makes sense:  when you walk on hard surfaces all the support comes from the lowest part of the foot in contact with the hard surface.  The only way to deliver proper distribution of pressure is to walk on an unstable surface like sand or to create an unstable, supportive and shifting surface within your shoe.  How better than a fluid-filled insole?

About HappyFeetClinical evidence: HappyFeet is the only insole company to provide you documented proof that its product works and, what’s more, explains in plain language why it works. A proper walking environment leads to a stronger foot because of both increased circulation and proper support that adjusts with each step. Learn more:

You won’t have any trouble finding promises in the “foot relief” industry. Promises cost nothing. But, we are a company that believes in the effectiveness of its product and we offer a 2-year warranty on all our insoles.

About HappyFeetGold Level customer service completes the picture. You want to speak to a real, live human being who works in Orlando at HappyFeet? Pick up your phone. Your call will get handled by an agent committed to making you happy.  And that shows what the people of HappyFeet are all about:  we don’t focus on selling insoles, we focus on solving your problem. Lifelong customers who are cheerleaders for our remarkable insoles assure HappyFeet’s future success.

Intellectual Property (IP)

At HappyFeet we are proud of the work we have done to advance foot care through innovation, and we think any reputable company should be able to demonstrate this.

These documents are a snapshot of some of the intellectual property we have obtained over the years, and show the level of expertise and innovation that HappyFeet prides itself on.

Michael Burch: Inventor