Tilina Key
Cullman, AL
(256) 531-7264
Trusted HappyFeet Affiliate
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Trusted HappyFeet Affiliate

Name: Tilina Key

Location: Cullman, AL

Phone: (256) 531-7264

Email: tilina@happyfeet.net

Hello, my name is Tilina and I am an independent representative for Happy Feet and a distributor as well. Let me show you how you can also have Happy Feet! I am a cosmetologist by trade and attended a hair show in Birmingham. I purchased my first pair of Happy Feet there and have never looked back! The massaging insoles immediately helped me and I know they will you too! After two long days of walking and standing, my feet, legs and back were pain free! WOW! I couldn't believe it. I work pain free every day wearing my HappyFeet! HappyFeet feels like a massage with every step! The bottom of the feet have connections with various parts of the body. Organs and the like are affected by our feet. HappyFeet's patented therapuetic massaging gently stimulate the feet and by doing so, soothes and calms our body. Give them and try and I think you will be very Happy! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions 256-531-7264 or email: tilina@happyfeet.net

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