Michael Hulen
Stuart, FL
(772) 600-5658
Trusted HappyFeet Affiliate
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Trusted HappyFeet Affiliate

Name: Michael Hulen

Location: Stuart, FL

Phone: (772) 600-5658

Email: qtnetwork@gmail.com

We have been 'very happy' Happy Feet users for quite awhile. The thing that clinched it for us was spending 2 days with 5-yr-old triplets at Legoland and not wearing-out our feet, even though I was wearing boat shoes. Since then we have enjoyed all the other benefits of Happy Feet so thought "why not share it with others"? Not only are we sharing online but will be sharing at various events locally and throughout our great nation. Go ahead and order now via this site and tell us your wonderful experiences with Happy Feet products when you see us 'on the road'. Thanks, Mike & Janet

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