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Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Walking Poles These state-of-the-art walking poles are sold in pairs and are made from corrosion-resistant high-quality aluminium weighing only 12 ounces. A comfortable shock-absorbing ABS handle and an adjustable length from 19 to 43 inches allow them to be used for walking, climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities. Learn more!

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Nordic Walking PolesClick here for our HappyTrails Bundle! Get one pair of HappyFeet Nordic Walking Poles and one pair of Original HappyFeet Shock-Absorbing Insoles for only $69.99 (a $30 savings)! Learn more!

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New Alignment Socks

Foot and Toe Alignment Socks HappyFeet Foot and Toe Alignment Socks are specially-made to help separate and stretch your toes, while alleviating and reducing the chances of problems encountered with hammertoes and other medical conditions. Learn more!

HappyFeet Kidz!

HappyFeet KidzHappyFeet Kidz allows children to enjoy the traditional benefits of HappyFeet, and much more! From babies to toddlers, little kids to big kids!
By increasing sensory neuron stimulation, at a time when their motor development most needs it, infants benefit from improved skill development while avoiding the drawbacks of walkers or of being walked. Learn more!


HappyAssThe HappyAss massaging liquid-gel seat cushion helps support posture, reduce discomfort, improve circulation and make your sitting time much less of a pain. Learn more!

WalkHappy Headphones

Walk Happy Headphones With an advanced speaker design and powered sound isolation technology, WalkHappy Headphones deliver all the power, clarity and deep bass that today’s top artists intended for you to hear! Learn more!

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The Original

The Original HappyFeet Shock-Absorbing InsolesOur tried and true original, HappyFeet Massaging Liquid Insoles have been providing true relief to our customers for years.

Clinically proven to increase blood circulation in the foot, Happy Feet Insoles absorb shock and evenly distribute weight helping improve posture instantly, taking pressure off your lower back.

Sports and Specialty

Targeted Treatments

Clinical Studies

HappyFeet is the only insole company to provide you documented proof that its product works and, what’s more, explains in plain language why it works.

A proper walking environment leads to a stronger foot because of both increased circulation and proper support that adjusts with each step. Learn more:


Conditions and Recommendations

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Back, Hip and Knee Pain
  • Tired and Sore Feet
  • Corns and Calluses
  • Poor Circulation
  • Inflammation (Morton’s Neuroma)

Plantar fasciitisHere’s the scoop. Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the thick, fibrous band of tissue that reaches from the heel to the toes, supporting the muscles and arch of the foot. “Plantar” refers to the bottom of the foot; “fascia” is supportive tissue. When the plantar fascia becomes overly stretched, tiny tears occur in its surface. The band of fascia becomes inflamed with all the pain associated with inflammation. Some experts attributed this type of pain to bony growths called heel spurs but their general agreement now indicates heel spurs are an effect of plantar fasciitis and not a separate cause of pain. Read more »

What we recommend:

Plantar fasciitisLateral Muscular Back Pain simply means muscular pain that is presents itself just above the hips and runs up your sides. The pain we are looking at comes primarily from standing and/or walking for long periods of time during the day and quite simply comes from the muscles being tired.

Approximately 85% of all Americans will experience some type of back pain making it the most common injury and the most expensive.

What we have found is that most people stand slightly tilted forward. This tilt can and does put undue stress on the hips and lower back. Quite simply, the muscles in your back are working to support your weight rather than your spine. If we can slightly realign your posture you will stand more upright offloading pressure from the hip and lower back muscles. Read more »

What we recommend:

Tired and sore feetIt happens to almost everyone. You get home at the end of the day and your feet are burning, sore, swollen and just plain tired. We all know the problem but what’s the solution? Lots of us try to find some kind-hearted soul willing to give a soothing, relaxing foot massage to get circulation back to normal in feet and lower legs.

How would you feel at the end of the day if you could enjoy the benefit of an all-day foot massage? Read more »

What we recommend:

Corns and CallusesCalluses grow on the bottom and sides of the foot – anywhere there is friction or rubbing against a hard surface – as the body’s defense mechanism against developing an open sore. The more the rubbing, the thicker the callus tends to form.

HappyFeet float your feet on top of a flexible surface of pharmaceutical-grade glycerin, somewhat like a “water bed” for your feet. When your feet float, rubbing is eliminated and there is no longer any friction between your sole and your shoes. No irritation; no need for the protection of a callus. Over time existing calluses will simply disappear as your feet return to their natural healthy state that comes from restoring a natural healthy environment for them.
Read more »

What we recommend:

Poor circulation diabetic neuropathyIn layman’s terms, three basic conditions impair circulation to feet and legs: Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease. In the U.S. alone, these three conditions are found in over 12 Million citizens.

No surprise: with so many cases in the population, you can find a ton of medical information – some of it is in the section that follows this discussion of basics but most of us are not doctors and benefit most from a straightforward, common sense discussion of these three conditions. Read more »

What we recommend:

Plantar fasciitisMorton’s Neuroma is an inflammation of the Plantar Nerve that runs between the Metatarsal Bones of the 3rd and 4th toes.

This inflammation is normally due to the wearing of tight shoes which cause the Metatarsal bones to rub on the Plantar Nerve.

The constant massage of HappyFeet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles attacks and eliminates the pain from Morton’s Neuroma in two ways to assure maximum circulation and attacks and eliminates the pain from Morton’s Neuroma. Read more »

What we recommend:


To all Veterans organizations;

As a Commander of this Veterans Organization, I know about the product called Happy Feet, which is a shoe insert that really works for anyone who has feet and back problems. I tried it for just three weeks and within those three weeks all of my leg and feet problems just vanished. I can now walk like a normal person and get much better sleep because of Happy Feet.

I had Dave the bearer of this letter present it to the members of our VFW Post 2976 and it Ladies Auxiliary, many of them bought the Happy Feet and after six weeks they all have reported great results from Happy Feet.

With this letter I know Dave will be able to help many of our fellow Veterans with a life free of leg and back pain.

Sincerely yours,


Bill Richey, Commander, VFW Post 2976

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