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Have you ever wanted to be in a job where you get to make as much as you want? Maybe you just need extra money and want to work a little extra with a product you love and know that works!

The HappyFeet Affiliate System lets you do just that. With the power of a trusted brand that is firmly established and respected in the industry, you can begin collecting commissions on orders in a matter of minutes! Watch the video to learn more:

In literally a few clicks, you get:

  • Your own website for one year*. For example: www.HappyFeet.net/YourName
  • 40% commission on internet sales
  • 250 custom business cards
  • 25 pairs of HappyFeet insoles**
  • Low affiliate re-order price of $9.95/pair**

All of this for the cost of $499.95.

Take advantage of this introductory offer price and get started making money now! The registration form below takes only a minute to complete.

Want to learn more before you begin? Click here for a video tutorial on our system.

*After the first year, your affiliate website will renew at $29.99/month.
**The 25 pairs you receive will be broken down as follows: 2 XS, 4 S, 4 M, 3 M2, 3 L, 4 L2, 4 XL, 1 XX

Affiliate Registration Form: