Happy Feet, Happy Mind


I live in Port Macquarie NSW Australia.  I was introduced to Happy Feet Insoles back in 2012.  I had a bad case of Fasciitis and it was going to cost thousands of dollars to fix.  The Clinic had a 3 month waiting list so I put off treatment till after my 2012 holiday trip to Europe, which didn’t help my feet whatsoever.  I went on t o San Antonio for a music conference where I met a salesman on the street who assured me that your product would help me. Over a 3 month period I noticed a huge improvement which allowed me to go back to playing squash. I have been Fasciitis free ever since Thank You, you saved me a huge medical bill and allowed me to continue my fitness regime.  I am happy for you to post this recommendation/testimonial.


Frank Rugers

The man was very professional & knowledgeable. I bought for myself & a friend. And when I got home I bought 3 more pair! I will be telling my friends about this product.i even put these in my Ecco shoes which are pretty comfy to begin with. Might I suggest more advertising, I almost walked on by as I thought these were the good feet arch support which in my view are an expensive scam. They do nothing for my problem which is the loss of fat on the soles of my feet. Needless to say I am quite happy with my purchase!

Square Customer (in-person purchase)

I have flat feet and Plantar Fasciitis and must wear special lifts in my shoes. I work on concrete most of the day. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your product. My burning, tingling pain has been reduced so much, I can actually get more work done and I no longer dread walking around. Thank you again.

Glenna M

My son just received his insoles today. He put them in his shoes, walked around and said, I have never had any insoles to feel this good. I put his shoes on and walked around the house and OMG I must agree they are the most amazing insoles I have Ever worn. I am 70 years young and my feet never felt so good.

I hope to order a pair soon for myself.

I posted on my Facebook page just how fantastic these insoles are.

I just wanted to share with you and Thank You for a GREAT product.

Betty N
Camden, TN

Knee pain is virtually alleviated, and I can stay on my feet 3x longer.
The cushioning makes it feel better when walking on concrete.
The fit inside my shoes is one of their best features, sometimes,
I forget they are even in my shoes.
They are the most effective, comfortable insert I have ever purchased,
and in 40 years I have purchased a lot of different types (even had custom made) .
As long as you keep producing them, I will continue to purchase.

Lynn D
Gretna, Louisiana

I walk on hard tile floors all day long so Happy Feet help with my Plantar Fasciitis. It went away a year ago when I was wearing my Happy Feet regularly. It has come back so I am wearing them again.

My Plantar Fasciitis went away a year ago when I was wearing my Happy Feet regularly. I have been wearing the last few weeks and my feet are feeling better.

Wendy B
Las Vegas, NV

I am able to exercise without pain, as well as wear my dress shoes all day at work without feeling discomfort or having tired and achy feet at the end of the day!

I have mild plantar fasciitis with the beginnings of a bunion on the inside of each of my feet. After being on my feet at work or at the gym, I get sharp pains throughout each foot that make it uncomfortable to stand or walk for long periods of time. Running had become impossible.

After wearing the HappyFeet inserts in my work shoes, I’m noticing no pain by the end of the day. Additionally, I work out 5 or more days per week and I’m not getting the sharp pain in my knees and throughout my feet after being on the treadmill for more than 5 minutes at a time!

Caitlin C
Minneapolis, MN

Almost three years ago I had plantar fasciitis in both feet and had a hard time walking first thing in the morning or after long periods of sitting. I purchased Happy Feet and the arch support sleeve. I was game for anything that might work. Since it was so long ago, I could not say how long I wore the sleeves, but I no it couldn’t have been much longer than a couple of months. I still wear my Happy Feet every day no matter the pair of shoes I wear. Now I’m as happy as my feet.

James C
Strongstown, PA

I have only had HappyFeet for a couple of days and yesterday was the first day I wore them to work…. they were amazing!! I went home not feeling any pain in my knee’s, feet and back! I can’t wait to see how helpful they will be in the long run.

Diane A
Carlyle, IL

I purchased HappyFeet at the Civic Center in Birmingham during the World of Wheels show. I was walking on concrete for three days and I loved my HappyFeet. When I went home at night my feet didn’t feel so tired nor did I feel tired standing on my feet all day long.

Jilda H
Pleasant Grove, AL

I have pain daily in my low back and hips. With HappyFeet I can stand for longer periods of time with less pain.

Barbara R
Red Bay, AL

Chronic hip pain and lower back pain. Type 1 diabetic for 29 years. I instantly noticed a difference in my hip pain.

Wendi Q
Warrior, AL

I have thyroid problems and have a lot of pain in my feet and legs. I found HappyFeet in a flea market I figured what the heck I got them for my wife and I. My wife loved them right away. She is a nurse who one her feet 12 plus hours a day. On the other hand I was not so shore of them. So theist just slide into your shoes. I have struggled with this so I pulled out the inner soul put the insert in the soul on the top. This gave me a wider surface for my foot and now I’m a fan.

Michael S
West Melbourne, FL
Shalonna in happy mood

I am a dancer who had Plantar Fasciitis. After going to the podiatrist and paying way too much for them to tell me to soak my feet, limit my exercise activity and to get an injection in my foot, I found the Happy Feet booth at a convention and RAN to see how they could help me. After consistently wearing my inserts with tennis shoes or flip flops, I don’t have any issues with foot. I am so amazed by this product!!

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Shalonna A
Charlotte, NC

I am a disabled veteran with constant lower back pain. Wearing these inserts have increased my ability to walk and stand for longer periods of time without significant increase in lower back pain.

Adam Munro
New Braunfels, TX

I have wore these inserts for a week knot in back has went down. back pain has gone away and also knee pain gone, which has helped me sleep better, work better and feel tons better in general. Thank you Happy feet! recommended you to friends and family.

Doris Burghduff
Ocala, FL

What a difference! I didn’t think such a thin pad would be so helpful. My feet don’t ache, my calves aren’t as tired, and my plantar fasciitis pain has all but disappeared!

Jessica Flaherty
Indianapolis, IN.

I have been diagnosed with cartilage damage and arthritis in both knees – most evenings were spent with my legs up, knees on ice. I have worn my Happy Feet for the 4 days that I have worked. My knees don’t hurt, there is still a spring in my step and I am active when I get home. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am – my golf game is about 8 strokes better than it was last summer. I have been singing the praises of my Happy Feet to all who will listen. I am ever grateful for your product.

Frank H.
New Jersey, NY

I have Fibromyalgia and standing, grooming all day is a killer… my feet always hurt.Immediately they relieved the pain. It was WONDERFUL!! I have tried every kind of insert out there and nothing feels even close to these and the lifespan is great too. I’m glad I found this product.

Janet T.

I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with my Happy Feet insoles. I immediately felt a relief of pressure in my lower back. More importantly, I have Type II diabetes and had suffered from leg and foot cramps for several months prior to purchasing your product. I am happy to report that I have not had a single cramp since using your insoles. After work, I no longer have red toes and my feet don’t feel as hot. I am completely sold on your wonderful product and I have told several other people with diabetes and otherfoot/leg circulation problems. Thanks so much

Harry H.

As a diabetic and international traveler I have suffered with swelling that became increasingly worse until I started using HappyFeet insoles. Now when I arrive from long trips the swelling is barely noticeable.

John M.
North Carolina

I found HappyFeet to be very comfortable and they have helped to reduce my lower back and hip pain. I walk 2 miles daily and noticed a significant difference since using the product. I immediately noticed the difference during the trade show. I am always skeptical with new products but Happy Feet works!!

Stanley Y

I got my HappyFeet insoles in February 1993. I really love them. They are the Best insoles out on the market today. They really help my feet and legs. I am a walker and I am lost without my HappyFeet.

Mrs. L. Taylor

I am a nurse aide, on my feet all day and have arthritis in my hips and feet. HappyFeet have been a God sent. My feet don’t hurt as much and it has helped my back. I couldn’t do without HappyFeet now. I love them. They really work.

Sharon A.

Thanks my knees are feeling better already

Tim May
North Port, FL

Thanks, a great investment!!

Lauren Dillon
Newport Center, VT

The best thing I have ever done for my feet and my back!

Chris Meigs
Brent, AL

The inserts truly help my problem with Plantar Fasciitis!

Nancy Spragens
Lebanon, KY

The insoles have made my work boots comfortable!

Jodie Ferrel
Baldwin, WI

The insoles have made a big difference in the fatigue on our feet, feels like we are walking on air

Daniel Tanner
Orlando, FL

These are amazing, never thought I could walk on concrete for so long without foot pain!!

Ange Ramey
Fredonia, KS

These are great we have had greatest relief using these

Connie Clerkin
Barnett, MO

These have been the best purchase I made!

Pam Kruseck
Atlanta, GA

These have helped my back so much. I have terrible pain and wear a tines machine and I turned it off walked the whole Branson Landing Mall and had no pain.

Norwood Standley
Trinity, TX

These insoles are great! I walk all day every day at work and I normally destroy all my other insoles and they do not offer this kind of support.

Michael Shimkus
Phildelphia, PA

These insoles are wonderful. They have helped my feet and legs. They are better than the ones i have been getting from my doctor for 3 years. Thanks.

Frances Carroll
Pontotoc, MS

These things are wonderful. Thank you!

Sue Lillie
Forgan, OK

They are a life saver! Thanks.

Mike Hebert
Thibodaux, LA

They are great we love them, it is like walking on water, my feet don’t get tired anymore

Maxine Laslo
Howard, PA

They are just the greatest insoles I’ve ever purchased.

Renee Farrington
Lincoln, ME

They are really great. They make my feet feel 10 times better.

Awanda Marth
Bethalto, IL

They feel terrific.

Dottie Saylor
Hadley, PA

They have eliminated several issues with my feet and I’m quite pleased with my purchase.

Anton Jacobson
Springfield, MO

They have helped relieve much of the pain in my feet and back

Rose Mack
Findlay, OH

They made my right hip feel better.

Judith Flanagan
Springfield, MO

They make walking a pleasure again!

Lawrence Krohn
Elkton, MI

They make walking easy again! I have bad areas at the ball of my feet – This cushions the ball and makes it a lot more comfortable to walk.

Beverly Gunno
Sait Albans, WV

They really feel good at work on the concrete!

Eddie Newton
Lawrenceburg, KY

They were wonderful. I wore them all day.

Sharon Emerson
Sterling Heights, MI

They work great. I can tell the difference standing, walking or even sitting, and have felt relief from low back pain.

Robert Johnson
Bradenton, FL

They’re awesome! I’m going to buy them for my wife!

Kendal Carrier
Marietta, GA

This is the best non-drug thing I have done to relieve my back pain….the relieve was instant. I have told many people about it and I sound like a commercial or an employee of the company. thank you.

Kim Robinson
Chapin, SC

This is the only thing that works for me!! I have my sister and my sister-in-law ordering now!!!

Donna Hammer
Broken Bow, OK

Took some getting used to at first, but they work well!

Kevin Scheffler
Montgomery, VT

Took a while to adjust to, but now I really like them.

Traci Countryman
Kemmerer, WY

Totally amazed at how good my feet and knees feel when I wear this product. Immediate relief.

Mike Philpot
Jackson, TN

My salesman said that I should feel a big difference once I put a pair of your insoles in. He was right! I did notice a big change.

Gordon Dubeau
Virginia Beach, VA

Totally awesome! Best thing I could have done for our feet!

Gerald Reese
Lesterville, MO

Used for only 2 days – but feels much better – thanks for the chance to get rid of the back pain

Bob Dillon
Stronghurst, IL

Very impressed regarding quick result using insoles. My husband noted an improvement in my walking within 5 minutes of using these insoles. They are very comfortable. I love them.

Marilyn Erwin
Kansas City, MO

Was skeptical when I purchased, but I can definitely tell a difference when I walk. I do not hurt nearly as much. Can’t say that they have cured me, but they have made a difference

Erin Jackson
Carlisle, AK

Way better than the inserts I purchased 2 years ago

Chris White
Tampa, FL

We are really glad we invested the $40.00. No more back aches or ankle pain. We can stand on our feet for 10 hours a day and not feel fatigued. Thank You

Marqueta Bentley
Blanchard, OK

We find the insoles to be very comfortable, less strain on knees.

Jesse Emory
Bolivar, MO

We had been walking and standing at a lot of vendor booths at the convention and our lower backs were getting sore. It was amazing how quickly that pain went away once we placed the insoles in our shoes.

Laura Knapton
Peachtree City, GA

We have found them to be quite helpful. Great find. Thank you.

Kathleen Molzen
Sierra Madre, CA

We love these insoles!

Donna Skrobala
Annandale, VA

We LOVE this product! It has helped with knee and back pain.

Lori Nowobielski
Battlefield, MO

We were amazed after we tried the insoles how our hips and feet felt. My hip was just about to give out before we tried the insoles and after finish walking the rest of the home show my hip no longer hurts

Marjorie Fields
Largo, FL

We would love to let you know these is the best product you could ever buy my husband and I could tell improvement in just hours.

Patricia Kinard
Rome, GA

What a difference they make!!

Alan Lankford
Spring, TX

What a great foot massage. They made an immediate difference. Thanks

Bob Reynolds
Clearwater, FL

What a superb product..it allows me to use shoes at work that never were wearable for a full 8 hr. shift before !!!!!

Michael Love
Pueblo, CO

Wonderful complement to my running shoes. Definitely will recommend to others.

MaryAnne Bednar
Elkins Park, PA

Wonderful product!

Michael Ianacone
Edgewater Park, NE

Wonderful, wonderful. My knees no longer hurt and ache, my back is no longer sore….I even got up this morning not as stiff as usual. It has worked wonders in my life already.

Jansen Ruthanne
Newberry, FL

Wore them all day and loved them!

Lisa Holding
South Hampton, PA

Wow! What a difference they make! LOVE THEM!!!

Tracie Carter
Cordova, TN

Thank you very much, they work great!!!

James Brewer
Riverview, FL

Your insoles have added quality to my life. I was experiencing severe pain when walking. I had to cease taking my daily 3 mile walk; with your insoles I began taking my daily walk, pain free.

Eileen Fiorina
Ligonier, PA