Happy Feet, Happy Mind

Skiers’ Feet

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Nature designed our feet to work their best long before ski boots were invented. Inside a boot, our weight is supported only by those parts of our feet in direct contact with the sole. By inserting a shape-shifting, fluid-filled insole, every adjustment of posture instantaneously forces liquid to support those parts of our foot not touching the boot. Just like standing or walking in sand, maximum balance just happens as if by magic.

Not only will your balance improve, your feet, legs, knees and back are going to feel better after a long day on the slopes. Because your entire foot bears your weight, fatigue and discomfort are minimized. Makes sense, doesn’t it, when you go from using some of the muscles in your feet to using all of them? When your feet work in perfect posture, the strain on your legs, knees and lower back naturally decreases.

Additional Benefits:

Skiing tends to warm up your whole body even in the coldest conditions. Your pulse is up, your heart pumps hard and you even break a sweat. But what about the times between runs? The first sense of discomfort from the cold usually comes to the feet. That’s another way Skier’s Feet help. Because of the natural pumping action associated with the movement of the fluid, all you need do is rock your feet from heel to toe to improve circulation. Same story: Better circulation, better warmth.