Happy Feet, Happy Mind



How does this help Plantar Fasciitis:

HealthyFeet are are proven to prevent and heal Plantar Fasciitis.

As we have all been told to roll on a frozen coke bottle, to stretch and to

massage the foot. The only thing that will heal Plantar Fasciitis is GENERAL,

CONSISTANT MASSAGE. However, most people will only do this consistently

for the first few days or weeks but not enough to heal the Plantar Fasciitis.

HealthyFeet provides massage generally and consistently enough to heal the Plantar Fasciitis. 


I have arthritis, will this help me???

Yes, The reactive and proactive fluid technology allows the foot to lie properly giving less pressure to the joints while absorbing over 80% of the shock instead of your joints. This eliminates the pressure that

aggravates and or inflames the arthritis. 


How does it help with Lower Back, Hip, and Knee Pain?

When your body is in proper alignment, then the bones and joints may function properly without pain. By correcting your posture,  the muscles that build will build to good posture taking the pressure off caused by misalignment and bad posture!

 The shock that is received with every step (avg body projects 1000

lbs of pressure with every step taken) the insoles absorb up to 85% of this



Will HealthyFeet help Neuropathy?

Yes, Increasing blood flow up to 78%! Some soreness may occur by increased

blood flow! People with Neuropathy have not had feeling so any new feeling

may be painful to the at first! However this is a good thing!! They are feeling

something!! Just like if your leg were to fall asleep, then you move it you

would feel a burning to tingling pain this is how our HealthyFeet will feel to people

with neuropathy because it is bringing blood flow back to that area!!!


Does it help with Heel Spurs? 

Yes, A heel spur is a uric acid deposit much like a knot under the shoulder, by gently massaging the deposit daily it will

break it down and eliminate the spur within 2-8 weeks. However by

absorbing the shock it will give immediate relief of the spur!! 


How does it help with Corns & Calluses & Bunions?

Yes, by adding improper amounts of weight to the area of the foot it will cause corns, bunions and calluses to form. The body is trying to protect that

area!! So the liquid in the insole will distribute the weight properly from heel

to toe allowing the foot to lay properly and allow it to heal.


Does this help Supination and/or Pronation?

The fluid will flow to the voided areas, leveling the foot. Those that walk on

the outsides of their feet will normally have bad knees do to the stress

added to the inside of the knee pushing outwards-normally ending in knee

replacements. They will feel immediate relief of the pain associated with this

type of placement.