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Trusted HappyFeet Affiliate

Name: United Infrared, Inc.

Location: Bonsall, CA

Phone: (888) 722-6447


Most of you have met me at one point or another likely at a trade show and, as you can imagine, I was probably on my feet all day. Since developing United Infrared in late 2008, I have spent a large amount of time on the road along with Greg Stockton building the United Infrared Network. Of course, on your feet all day takes its toll. Each evening at the conclusion of a day, I couldn’t wait to go back to the hotel room to put my feet up. The pain I felt was extreme but knowing the next day I had to do it all again, I needed to find a solution. In 2010, I was attending an equine event and came upon a Happy Feet Booth for which the salesman offered to allow me to try these “amazing” inserts at which point I did not hesitate. I have to be honest, at first it felt a little weird feeling these gel inserts swish around under my feet but I spent the money anyway as I needed a solution. Four years later, I never looked back as my pain has literally been reduced by 80% and the foot massage is not too bad either! THE CASE FOR A MASSAGE: In May 2014 I decided to take Happy Feet to the test with an infrared camera and see what I already knew to be the case. My family and I take an annual trip to Yosemite National Park and knowing I would be doing a lot of hiking, I knew the happy feet were going to be right there with me. Having done a few product reviews, I developed a simple testing procedure to actually see how well they do on paper. Read the full story at

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