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Giveaway Promotion


For a limited time, HappyFeet is partnering with DestinHappy.com to offer our customers a chance to win a free one-week stay at the beautiful Aint Miss B “Haven” property near Destin, Florida.

A block from the beach and on the corner of convenience and comfort, this property is one of the greatest attractions in the area and has perks that other vacation homes only dream of!

Click here to see photos and learn more.

By completing our famous Warranty BOGO form, you are automatically given one entry into the draw. You also gain an additional entry into the draw for every $10 increment in your BOGO form purchases. And for the next 30 days you can complete the BOGO form an unlimited number of times!

There is no cost to being entered in the draw, and we will not use or sell your information in any way. This is just a simple way of saying thanks!

Free week: September 12-18, 2016

Draw: August 1, 2016

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