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Happy Feet with 10% more glycerin

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Happy Feet with 10% more glycerin

Looking for Happy Feet with 10% more glycerin? These Happy Feet insoles are for standing, walking, working and everyday use. Now with 10% more glycerin!

Happy Feet’s shock absorption will evenly distribute your weight in real-time, giving support to the exact location on the foot that needs it most throughout the step. This improves posture instantly and takes the pressure off of your spine, knees and hips. Excellent for those who suffer from Diabetes, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuroma, Arthritis, Back Pain and just plain tired and sore feet.

Simply stand up and rock back and forth, and you will feel the dynamic fluid technology go to work providing you instant relief! In 30 steps or less, you feel relief in your back, lower back, hips, knees, and/or feet.

Happy Feet insoles can be used in all types of shoes, and are much more affordable than your average orthotics. Happy Feet insoles allow you to stand, walk, or work 16 hours per day pain-free on asphalt, concrete, or gravel! The increased blood flow they provide help cure and prevent diabetic sores, making these insoles perfect to help maintain pain-free living.

The original liquid insole, Happy Feet have been giving people a new lease on life for over 20 years. Experience the pain relief that over 3 million people have loved. Used all over the world by everyone from athletes to nurses, factory workers to teachers and anyone who wants to have their feet back again! Try a pair today and see why these are the world’s best liquid massaging orthotic insole.

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