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HappyFeet On Ice Cooling Scarf

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Soak scarf in water and it inflates with a cooling gel that stays activated for days! HappyFeet On Ice works with the natural power of evaporation to stay cool, so they are perfectly safe for all people, children and pets.


• HappyFeet On Ice help beat the heat, fight exhaustion, and avoid dehydration.

• Relieves hot flashes, fever, stress and discomfort.

• Safe and reusable

• Perfect for sports, working, camping, sunbathing, and anywhere you need to stay cool!


Scarf filled with special crystals that when soaked in water will stay cool for days. Wear them around your head or neck and feel cooler for outdoor activities such as gardening, sports, or just walking the dog. The crystals are air cooled by taking advantage of the evaporation process. It will feel like you have your own personal air conditioner.

How to use:

Simply soak HappyFeet On Ice in water for a few minutes. Then place around forehead or neck and be prepared for instant relief. Use it over and over again by simply reactivating it in normal tap water. Scarves are 36″ long and 2″ wide.